Our Sliding Patio Doors Make for the PerfectOutdoor living area trimmed by green plants and featuring a pair of sliding patio doors. Centerpieces for Outdoor Living Areas in Hendersonville, TN

If designed correctly, the outdoor living area at your Hendersonville, Tennessee, home can be an extension of your home’s living space, with a seamless transition between the two. The ability to achieve such a feat largely depends on the patio doors you choose. For premium sliding patio doors that will make for the perfect conversation pieces among guests and family members alike, turn to American Home Design.

Why Opt for Sliding Patio Doors?

If you’ve already begun your search for patio doors, you probably have noticed the numerous styles and configurations available on the market. And although many may serve as viable options, none quite offer the expansive views and room-lightening benefits that come with having sliding patio doors. Offered in two-, three-, and four-panel configurations, our sliding patio doors operate in a lateral movement which is ideal for high foot traffic or areas of the home where there is inadequate space for hinged doors.

Enjoy Energy Savings and a Customized Look

In addition to unobstructed views of the scenic outdoors, our sliding patio doors yield several other benefits including:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency, thanks to ENERGY STAR®-certified insulated glass packages and continuous weather stripping that reduce heat transfer
  • A unique aesthetic that complements your existing home design, thanks to an array of colors and woodgrain finishes available for your choosing
  • Long-lasting strength and rigity, thanks to fusion-welded vinyl frames

Let’s Choose the Ideal Sliding Patio Doors for Your Home

The American Home Design team will be happy to help you in selecting the right sliding patio doors for your Hendersonville, TN, home. Contact us today to get started with a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and be sure to ask about the exceptional financing options available to those who qualify.

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