High-Quality Water Purifiers Available to Homeowners in Franklin, TNPhoto of a glass pitcher pouring water into a glass cup.

Take a moment to pour yourself a glass of water from your kitchen faucet. What can you observe about its contents? Chances are you may notice a cloudiness, and maybe even a slight smell. The water from the tap of your Franklin, Tennessee, home may be up to par with municipal standards, but for American Home Design, good enough isn’t good enough. We are proud to partner with the renowned Rainsoft to bring local homeowners water purifiers that enhance the quality of their house water directly from the faucet.

Two Premium Choices in Water Treatment

When it comes to water purifiers, we carry two best-in-class options. In order to determine which water treatment product is best suited for your home, we’ll first perform a complimentary water test. Based on the results, we will recommend one of the following two water purifiers:

  • Hydrefiner II, which works by reducing chlorine levels with one filter and removing tiny sediment particles from the water with a second filter
  • Ultrefiner II, which filters all of the contaminants that the Hydrefiner II can, but goes a step further by using reverse osmosis technology to trap inorganic materials and volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Expert Installation

After determining which of our water purifiers is ideal for your home, you can count on our skilled technicians to install your water treatment system with precision and caring. What’s more, your new investment will be safeguarded by a limited lifetime warranty from RainSoft.

Contact American Home Design today to schedule your complimentary water test and discover which of our high-quality water purifiers is the right fit for your Franklin, TN, home.

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