RainSoft Water Softener Installer Serving Clarksville, TN

Homeowners looking to have a RainSoft water softener system installed at their home in the Clarksville, Tennessee, area can turn to the water treatment experts at American Home Design. We have helped countless homeowners throughout the region remove magnesium, calcium, and other water hardening minerals from their water supply, leaving them with “soft” water.

There are many benefits to having a RainSoft water softener system installed at your Clarksville, TN, residence. For one, hard water problems such as streaky dishes and dull hair after showers will become worries of the past. Additionally, water softener systems prevent:

  • Mineral accumulation – When water is “hard,” it leaves behind white minerals that can collect in sinks, showers, and other water basins throughout your home. This can lead to stains that are both unsightly and difficult to clean.
  • Stiff cotton clothing – Cotton clothes that are washed using hard water, whether through a washing machine or by hand, may feel stiff. This may leave your socks and shirts uncomfortable and, eventually, unwearable.
  • Drainage problems – RainSoft water softener systems can prevent minerals and other particles from accumulating in pipes and appliances, which can prevent drainage problems such as slow draining or clogged drains.

All of these problems can be eliminated by the EC4 Water Conditioning System and the TC Series Water Conditioning System, both of which are RainSoft water softeners that our technicians can install. If you would like to have a RainSoft water softener installed at your home in the Clarksville, TN, area, contact American Home Design today. One of friendly representatives will gladly answer any questions or help you schedule a free consultation at your home.

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