Jacuzzi® walk in bathtubs from American Home Design provide a safe and relaxing bathing experience.

Walk in tubIf you or someone you love is having concerns about safety when it comes to bathing, you are not alone. For seniors, using the bathtub or shower is one of the most common causes for serious injury. For many it can create anxiety rather than be an enjoyable experience. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our customers tell us the Jacuzzi® walk in bathtub allows them to bathe safely in the comfort of their own home.

We offer the finest walk in bathtubs available, providing the ultimate in accessibility and pure comfort. Rather than climbing over cumbersome, slippery walls into a small, cramped tub, you can simply open the Jacuzzi® walk in bathtub door and walk in. After you close the watertight door behind you, fill the Jacuzzi® tub with water for warm, bubbling, therapeutic comfort that’s three feet deep. The finished tub can be installed into an existing tub space within a few days, all at an affordable price.

Features & Benefits

  • The door of the walk in bathtub is easy to open and close. Its watertight seal comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • An oversized handle with special ergonomic design requires very little grip strength to operate. Simply close the door and turn the handle to seal the doorway.
  • The entryway threshold has been designed to be extra low so a person with knee or hip problems can get in and out of the tub safely and gently.
  • A large grip bar, slip-resistant floor, and thermostatic mixing valve provide safety.
  • The showerhead can be mounted above the tub like that of a typical shower/tub combination or mounted on the tub deck for use while seated.
  • A Syllent system warms the bath water as it circulates around the motor. The water takes on the motor’s heat to eliminate noisy fans and increase energy efficiency.

Safety & Accessibility

More accidents occur in the bathroom than any other place in the house. This is true for people of all ages, and especially true for those with limited mobility or who are over the age of 55. Stability decreases with age, bones become more brittle, and the risk of arthritis increases. Old injuries often begin to manifest themselves in new ways. And instead of bouncing back from new injuries, it often takes longer to heal. Fortunately, the most enjoyable remedy is to simply take it sitting down- on the safe, comfortable 17” high seat of a Jacuzzi® Walk in Bathtub. Relax in warm, therapeutic luxury that envelops your entire body and helps heal all that ails you.

Health Benefits

While soaking in a Jacuzzi® walk in bathtub, body weight is reduced by 90%. This helps to relieve pressure on sore joints and muscles while providing a deep sense of rest and relaxation. Whirlpool hydrotherapy uses powerful massaging jets for an invigorating, deep massage that relaxes tight muscles, rejuvenates the tissues, and releases natural painkillers. Combination hydrotherapy uses both air and water jets to provide a unique bathing experience, allowing for the deepest of therapeutic benefits.


The Jacuzzi® Walk in bathtub is made right here in America. Each tub is meticulously assembled by hand, combining a sturdy steel frame, one-piece tub construction, and quality hardware. The Jacuzzi® walk in bathtub meets or exceeds all building codes, association criteria, and industry standards for product safety & performance.

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