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White Bathtub

A bathtub liner is a custom made liner that literally fits right over your existing bathtub. They’re made from acrylic (the shiny hard stuff they use to make football helmets) and come in a wide range of colors, so they can fit in with virtually any new decor ideas you might have for your bathroom. They are easy to clean, difficult to damage and last forever.

A bathtub or shower liner and tub surround fits right over the existing tub and walls and doesn’t require you to remove anything but the knobs on the plumbing fixtures. You can still use all the existing plumbing and the whole thing is usually installed in a day.

No tear-out or mess
Installs directly over tub
Installation takes one day* so you can use your tub/shower the next day
Acrylic is non-porous so it’s easier to clean and maintain
Baths are warmer because acrylic retains heat 30% longer

Some installations can take more than one day, depending on what we encounter during installation.

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