Safety Tub Installation for Nashville Homeowners from American Home Design

Safety Tub NashvilleIf your loved one is an elderly or handicapped resident of Nashville, a safety tub could provide them with the independence they desire and the safety and security they need. While many people think all safety tubs are alike, the fact is that all walk-in bathtubs are not created equal. Customizing a tub to create the most user-friendly experience can not only give you the satisfaction of knowing your loved one is protected against slipping, falling, and getting seriously injured, but can also help your loved one regain the ability to bathe in private, without the assistance of a family member or caregiver.

Our design associates can help you select a safety tub for your Nashville home that has all the features you require, including:

  • Grab-bars – The elderly and those with a handicap can use a securely fastened grab-bar for stability when stepping in to or out of a safety tub.
  • Anti-slip floors – Falling in the bath or shower is the number one reason elderly individuals visit the emergency room. An anti-slip floor can provide added traction, helping to prevent slip and fall accidents.
  • Low threshold entryway – This creates easy access in and out of the bathtub.
  • Chair-height seating – Having a seat at the optimal height can also sometimes provide handicapped bathers the ability to regain their independence by allowing them to enter and exit the tub with little to no assistance.
  • Whirlpool jets – Air jets, water jets, or both provide a therapeutic massage and help treat common ailments such as muscle cramps and weakness, diabetes, circulatory diseases, and arthritis.
  • And more

In addition to selecting and installing the perfect safety shower or safety tub in your Nashville home, our talented professionals can also assist you with new windows, a carport, radiant barrier insulation, sunrooms, and more. Our in-house finance manager will gladly work with you to find the best easy payment options for your needs. Contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate and to learn more about the home improvement services we provide for Nashville homeowners.

Safety Tub Nashville

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